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Unplugged Weddings, Why You Need One!

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

What Is an Unplugged Wedding?

I am a huge fan of unplugged ceremonies, and I do try and encourage my wedding couples to have one. For me, there is nothing worse than Uncle Bob standing in the aisle in front of me taking pictures while I’m flapping around behind him trying desperately to capture my couples first kiss as newlyweds.

We all love seeing our close family and friend’s pictures from weddings on social media, allowing us to relive a really special day or feel like we were there if we couldn’t attend, but as more and more and people are snapping away on smart phones and tablets, some couples are asking their loved ones to put away the devices and enjoy the moment rather than concentrating on getting the perfect image.

Why Do Couples Have Unplugged Weddings?

There are two main reasons I encourage my couples to have unplugged weddings.

The first reason is to help me capture perfect shots without obstructions.

Obstructions - The most common obstruction is the guest who leans (or walks!) out into the aisle to capture photos of the bride or groom. This can really interfere with our work by blocking our view of the couple. This usually happens at the pivotal parts of the ceremony and the parts that are the most important for us to capture! This also applies to individuals holding their phones up throughout the ceremony. I have had many a picture ruined of my newlyweds by someone holding their phone up and blocking their faces in my photos.

Camera flash - An unfortunately timed flash by a guest can overexpose and ruin what would otherwise have been a beautiful wedding photo.

The second reason is to reduce guest disengagement. Do you really want your guests flicking through their phones while you are saying your deep and meaningful vows to each other?

Couples want all of their guests to be present and engaged with the ceremony of their union. They may feel that guests who experience their wedding ceremony through a viewfinder or mobile screen aren’t fully sharing in the experience. Moreover, mobile phones are a particularly potent source of distraction. A vibration of a notification light arouses a strong urge to see what’s new, and it can cascade into unhindered browsing, messaging, and Instagramming from there. Removing such distractions increases their focus on the moment.

How Do You Tell Guests About Your Unplugged Wedding?

There is no reason to warn guests about your unplugged wedding in the invitations because nobody will remember the request when it matters. Instead, have the person officiating the wedding ask guests politely not to use their phones during the ceremony, or have a sign at the entrance of your ceremony.

I found that many people are anxious about the prospect of informing their guests about an unplugged wedding, but when you see the beautiful pictures from your photographer, you won’t regret having one.

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