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Your Bridal Bouquet


Whatever the style of bouquet you choose, it has to be right for you. This is actually a really good time NOT to follow trends and fashion! From wild and rustic to small and handmade, bouquets come in many styles and sizes. You may love the idea of a perfectly neat dome of roses, or some wildly cascading creation, but the size of your wedding bouquet must suit you, your dress and your preference!

For my own wedding, I was not bothered about the trends at the time, I just knew I really wanted my favourite flowers, Peonies. Luckily, they were available for my May wedding, but in choosing your flowers, there will be some flowers that you like that aren’t available all year round. Ask your florists what flowers are available during your wedding month. Choosing seasonal flowers will also be more cost effective. A really nice personal touch is to include flowers that represent a family tradition. Perhaps flowers that your mother or grandmother carried down the aisle on their wedding days.

It really is important for you to feel comfortable with your bridal bouquet. Make sure you also know how to hold it correctly for your walk down the aisle and for pictures. It should be held slightly away from you, and just below your hip so that the shape of your dress can be seen.

During my time as a photographer, I’ve seen all kinds of beautiful bouquets, each unique and individual to the bride. What’s important is that YOU love them and enjoy the beautiful bouquet that you have chosen for your special day!

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